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It looks as if we’ll be opening in June…our last service at 1731 Grandin Rd will be for Mother’s Day brunch.

Bitter Sweet Chocolate
Milk Pudding | White Choc IC


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Maine diver scallop season is open…these are incredible.  The tins come labeled with the diver’s name.

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New Space

February 14th will be our last day in our present location.

1314 Grandin Road…

It’s hard to see in this state…but stay tuned.

where the new line will be

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Trout Roe

I have been asking our trout supplier Big Pine Trout (in New Castle, Va) for roe for awhile.  I am still working on the cures but these turned out pretty decent for the first time around.  Start to finish for the cleaning is about 45min to an hour and the full cure begins to take shape after about 24hrs.

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potato | onion | carrot | root beer

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squash | eggplant | quinoa | enoki

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mushroom | brussel sprout | mustard

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