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we started doing brunch a little over a year ago.  here’s some photos of some of the dishes we do.  brunch is what i’d like to think a great representation of the passion that goes into our food.  no one here really wants to work on sunday and often times we’re coming in with very little sleep.  the key to it is setting almost everything up the night before and paying attention to the details that makes simple food shine.  good ingredients and good technique.  i try to stress this every day.

peeky toe eggs benny

house cured trout

house cured trout benny

diver scallop crudo, 27 month benton’s c ham, mango, honey vinegar, j m olive oil


strawberry and raspberry preserves, foggy ridge pippin gold, chardonnay (i think..)


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I have started a collaborative blog with a great friend of mine, who happens to be my lamb purveyor, over at:

thefarmerandthechef.blogspot.com and you can follow us on twitter here: http://twitter.com/farmerandchef

I have been working with Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm for over a year now and we recently visited Benton’s Smokey Mountain Country Hams.  On the road we talked about a lot of things dealing with farming, cheffing and life in general.  The blog idea was thrown around as a way for us to write about our trials and tribulations as chef and farmer.  Craig has great lamb and a lot of great chefs have picked up on it too.  But the stories behind the scenes are what matters most.  Life ‘ain’t’ easy for a farmer or a chef, but we love it just the same.  I hope you get a chance to check it out and let us know what you think.

Dennis and Tenley of Full Circle Organic Farm, Floyd, Virginia, living and giving off the land and off the grid too.

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