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I had the great pleasure of traveling to Charleston’s Food and Wine Week to work with Sean Brock and his staff at McCrady’s.  I thought that I’d just list the inspiring and funny moments.

  • driving into charleston and parking on the battery
  • walking into mccrady’s and meeting 20 stages in 20 minutes
  • working with sean, travis, delany, winburn, lucas, tim and jeremiah
  • working with paul liebrant
  • sean: ‘paul doesn’t want anyone else in the kitchen’  me:  ‘i can understand that’ sean: ‘i can’t, life’s too fucking short for that’
  • working with blais, eli and their sous chefs
  • meeting kosta finally, a fast talking, living, breathing mind intensely passionate about food
  • meeting jeremiah finally, who took the time to talk about food and show me around despite having 20 million things to do
  • getting way too drunk with chris delany and calling him a ‘vince vaughn looking motherf(*&^r
  • meeting andre guillet, drinking with andre until 2am and listening to his stories, he’s too cool
  • seeing the hospitality of the mccrady’s team as a whole, mindblowing
  • talking about beef with blais and getting to be on team trail blais for a day
  • listening to blais make fun of eli
  • eating lunch with frank stitt, donald link, marion sullivan, warwick sabin, matt and ted lee (thank you melany)
  • meeting gavin kaysen and mathew petersen and really learning how to make tuilles
  • meeting and working with kevin guiseppe
  • the hundreds of ideas about food i took away from my time there
  • eating at FIG and meeting mike lata
  • the tartare at FIG is the best i’ve ever tasted
  • eating an amazing 10 course meal at mccrady’s with craig rogers when he realizes his farm is on the menu
  • the lamb heart dish travis made, unbelievably great
  • the service during that meal, the wine and the cost or lack there of
  • driving to on sunday to north myrtle beach to see my gram ma and having a few cups of coffee and catching up

Just a huge debt of gratitude to Sean and his Family at McCrady’s.  There is no doubt that that restaurant is so loved and appreciated in that city because I saw it first hand everywhere I went and from whoever I talked to.  Can’t wait until next year.

for more pictures and descriptions of the food visit Just for Food.



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Goo Goo Cluster

chocolate, powdered peanut cookies, nutella ice cream, marshmallow

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