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craig and jake

trying to keep up with craig is like chasing a train.  of all the chores on the farm i think the best one is driving way over the other side of a mountain that he keeps sheep out in (with big dogs ellie and caesar to protect them) and watching jake run behind the gator…one of the happiest dogs i’ve ever seen.  that dog can run a hundred sheep where craig wants them to go like its nobody’s business.  happy farmer, happy dogs and definitely happy sheep.  very cool.


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eco friendly foods


learning a great deal of things hanging with bev eggleston, his wife janelle and colin bogess.  along with the staff of ecofriendly foods they are doing important work here in south west virginia.  check out their website.  and i dare you to call bev…:)

on a serious note i will post a real tribute to these guys sooner than later because they are working super hard for farmers and chefs.

the above picture is of the lunch bev and colin made when i visited the facility at ecofriendly.  now that’s REAL food!

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an egg.

it’s just an egg right?  well, yes and no.  it’s a heritage turkey egg.  the turkey are born on the farm.  some of the eggs craig collects for breakfast.  ever stuck your hand under a turkey?

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65 seats.  9 seat bar.  wood oven.  open kitchen.  a place to call home

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Golden Trout

this is being raised for me by big jim out in new castle.  we’ll be curing the roe as well.

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